The Big Move

Hello from Bermuda! So far we have one husband and one dog permanently located on "the rock".  I will officially be moved in mid-July, and our cats will be able to join us (finally!) in September!

It has been a learning process trying to sell our house and cars and figure out how to import animals to the island, but as I sit here on our balcony watching sailboats cruise by, I realize would have struggled through much worse knowing this was the final outcome.

Here are a few things we have gotten into thus far:
Reunited after three long weeks (Lemon won't leave Ryan's side)

Ryan's new whip and our cute little home

Embracing the Bermuda Triangle

Lemon is a happy beach dog (When you come visit us, you get to jump off this cliff!)

Exercising all of my trust in Ryan

On the ferry to Dockyard to watch the America's Cup (I'm still figuring out this island hair)

Earning our sunburns while cheering on Team Oracle

Getting our float on in our cove (and slowly learning the tide patterns... high tide will get'cha)

Lemon is pretty happy with our yard situation

Having a beach within walking distance is nice... having this beach within walking distance doesn't seem like real life

It's a pretty cool backyard (the jumping cliff :))

The cave during low tide is significantly less terrifying than high tide

Our little cove beach during low tide


  1. So happy for you guys and so excited for the blog! I can't wait to see and hear straight from you about life on the rock! Miss youns already!! Xxoxox (lemon is the happiest!!!)

  2. What a Beautiful place to live !! You all are so lucky to have this Wonderful experience !! Love the pics !! xoxoxo Jo Ann August

  3. Thanks for all the pics and the joy on your faces!

  4. I am totally serious when I say we are coming to visit!! <3

    1. Good!! We can't wait to host you! :)

  5. Hi Kayla. I am a fellow CV grad and look forward to reading about your new life in Bermuda. My husband and I are visiting Bermuda in just a few days. I really enjoyed your photos and am looking forward to exploring your new home. Good luck!!! Mindy (Martincic) Hillegass

    1. Hi Mindy! I hope you enjoyed your time in Bermuda! Isn't it such a beautiful place?? I hope you had a Rum Swizzle while you were here! :)

  6. What a beautiful place to call home!


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