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What Normal Looks Like Now

So, it turns out, that it is much easier to blog after we host guests here, because we normally tackle the entire island in 5 days. Haha I am blaming my blogging hiatus on having an empty guest bedroom. When we’re not hosting, we rarely go to the beach, we eat a lot of home cooked meals, and we are typically in bed before 9pm to read (scroll endless through Instagram) ourselves to sleep. And in these boring little details of taking paradise for granted, we’ve created something that feels a lot like normal life, which actually feels pretty awesome.
Ryan is still loving his job (do you know someone who loves their job? It’s inspiring to witness) and because he works long days, I had to get my own thing going on, because you can only watch so many hours of the Kardashians before it starts to alter the way you think. #stillnotashamedtobeaKUWTKfan
In my quest for purpose on de rock, I’ve somehow managed to balance my volunteer schedule to where I feel completely satisfied without feelin…

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