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The Long Goodbye

There is no good way to accurately wrap up what an immense whirlwind of emotion I have felt throughout these past few weeks. Selling our home alone would normally be a significant enough event to evoke a handful of tears.  Normally, I would take the time to walk slowly through each room running my hand across the walls reminiscing of every memory made in that house, and in dramatic fashion, say things like "goodbye favorite doorknob, be good stove, I'll miss you fireplace", but instead the last few moments in mine in Ryan's first home was spent stuffing my car full of the remaining crap we own, and literally herding cats with my Mum&Sis-in-law (thank you again Terri & Laura!)

If I had the time, I would drag out goodbyes for hours: give a big hug, say goodbye, bring up some memory from years ago, talk for another 10 minutes, give another big hug, repeat. But because time was something that I did not have a lot of I said my goodbyes over mouthfuls of Italian fo…

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