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Visitation Guide

As I anxiously await our first visitors to arrive (in 3 weeks!) I thought I would put together a list about what to expect and what you should pack for your visit. Granted this list will not be all-inclusive, because I am still figuring out my own needs and wants for the island, but I also know the feeling of excitement and worry before visiting any new place.  So hopefully this will increase the excitement and eliminate the worry before you touchdown in Bermuda!

Things to Pack:
1. Water shoes - yeah, like from the 90's... they are a luxury here. Especially because our home is located across the street from the beautiful Admiralty House Park.  It is a gorgeous slice of beach and rocks that we swim at almost every day.  Having water shoes make the land-to-water transition a breeze (AND you don't have to worry about slippery rocks or stepping on any sharp coral!)
Your local dollar store probably carries them, and they are obviously available on Amazon, the place where dreams com…

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