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Latonia does Bermuda

Chris and Kevin were the first two of Ryan's friends that I met when we started dating.  The three of them were housemates on a street called Latonia.  I liked them and trusted them immediately.  I remember one late night, while flip cup was happening out on the deck and a dance party was taking place in the living room, I was still sizing Ryan up for longterm boyfriend material that I thought to myself, he must be a pretty great guy to have such amazing friends.  As per usual, I was right, fast-forward to Kevin and Chris flanking my husband's side as I walked down the aisle to start this wonderful 'forever' of ours.

I had a lot of favorite things about Chris and Kevin's visit last weekend, but my most favorite part was watching Ryan slip into the comfortable familiarity that comes with spending time with two of your best friends.  (My least favorite thing was having sports on tv 24/7, incase you were wondering).

After reviewing this post, I realize there are A LOT…

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