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Full House Full Heart

There is something to be said for the utter excitement that I feel when picking up our visitors at the airport.  It's like I'm in the opening of Love Actually with background music and everything. I love being with them when they step out through the airport doors into the warm steam, that is the Bermuda heat and working together to tetris their luggage into our tiny Kia Picanto.  I love answering a thousand questions on the drive from the airport to our sweet little home about this new country and all there is to do and explore.  It's so much fun to re-experience my first time on the island through our visitor's first time.  I can't imagine that feeling ever getting old.

Ryan and I have had the pleasure of hosting two rounds of guests so far.  Together we've explored lighthouses, beaches, hospitals (eek), and street festivals. We've jumped off cliffs, rode jet skis, cooked together, and dined out at fancy restaurants.  Inside jokes were created (The Hog, A…

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